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Money transfer problems of EAIBank

Q: How do I transfer funds from my other accounts to my EAIBank account?

A: Follow the normal transfer process by entering your account information with EAIBank.

Q: Arrival time?

A: Arrival time is usually 3-5 business days. Once the cross-border remittance is accepted by the bank, it is passed through the intermediary bank layer by layer. Due to the different collection routes of different banks, the arrival time may vary slightly.

Q: How do I transfer money from EAl Bank to my other bank account?

A: Log in to your online banking and select "Interbank Transfer", just fill in and submit according to the prompt on the page.

Q: What is the SWIFT Code?

A: SWIFT is short for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and the SWIFT Code is a wire transfer code issued to banks, which is equivalent to a bank's identity card number.

Q: Are there limits on transfers in and out of bank accounts?

A: No limit for fund transfer in. Funds transfer out, the system default single limit of $5,000, a single day limit of $10,000, after applying for withdrawal of a single limit of $10,000, a single day limit of $15,000.

Q: How does the large filing work?

A: To be determined in accordance with the requirements of the Malaysian Financial Security Regulation.

Q: What is the remittance fee?

A: [Intra-bank transfer] Free
[Inward remittance] $40/pen
[Interbank transfer] $60/pen

Q: What if I forget my login password/User ID?

A: Click "Apply Now" below, Click Forgot Password/Forgot User ID,follow the prompts to reset.

Q: What if I forget my trading password when prompted to reset it?

A: Log in your online banking, click on "Reset Transaction Password" and fill in the appropriate information to reset.