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Questions about opening an account at EAIBank

Q: What are the documents required for EAIBank account opening?

A: Individual account opening: original passport, Image of individual holding passport
Enterprise account opening: Original passport or ID card of the manager, Image of manager holding passport or ID, Scanned copy of passport or ID card or electronic photo of the enterprise legal person, Proof of enterprise registration, " Power of Attorney for the New/Changed Administrator of Corporate Account ".

Q: How to download information for EAIBank account opening?

A: Click "Apply Now" below to enter the registration page, and select "Account Opening Guide" in the upper right corner to enter the download page.

Q: EAIBank account opening process?

A: Click "Apply Now" below➜Follow the prompts to fill out the registration information➜Click on " Account Opening Guide " to download the relevant information➜Login with your registered username and password➜Follow the prompts to fill out the account information➜Conduct a video interview➜Receive an account opening E-mail➜Account opening completed

Q: How long does it take to open an account?

A: After you submit your video interview, the review will be completed quickly in 1-3 business days and you will be notified by E-mail.

Q: Type of currency supported?

A: It currently supports USD, Ringgit, HKD, CNY and more currencies are continually being launched.

Q: Do I need to purchase money to open an account? How much advance deposit is required?

A: You don't need to buy finance or pre-deposit.

Q: Is the information submitted for user registration confidential?

A: EAIBank fully complies with the compliance requirements of the Malaysian Secrecy Act and strictly adheres to Malaysian laws regarding data protection. All data transmission connections are encrypted using SSL certificates, and a comprehensive data filing scheme is in place to ensure information integrity and confidentiality.

Q: Are the user's funds on deposit with the bank safe?

A: Our funds are deposited in international correspondent banks such as Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad and are regulated by the Malaysian Monetary Authority.