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About EAIBank

Q: About EAIBank?

A:Europe-Asia Investment Bank (Hereinafter referred to as EAIBank) is an offshore bank registered in the special financial district of Labuan, Malaysia's offshore financial centre. With digital banking and investment banking licenses,EAIBank providing users with safer and more convenient asset exchange services and enabling no-wait matchmaking transactions. With over 20 years of financial management experience, EAIBank's senior management team is dedicated to providing a full range of corporate banking, financial management and investment services to clients in global.
EAIBankwill have branches in HongKong and mainland China. We are planning to expand our business to major markets around the world and eventually realize our vision of “Eurasian base, Global outlook” in future.

Q: What are EAIBank products and services?

A: EAIBank focuses on the new middle-class private banking services. The products cover US dollar account opening, transfer and remittance, US dollar wealth management, US stock investment, overseas trust, etc., providing users with a one-stop convenient, diversified and secure new financial experience!

Q: What's EAIbank address?

A: EAIBank headquartered in Malaysia, address: Unit5(J) Main Office Tower, Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka,87000 FT Labuan, Malaysia

Q: What’s EAIbank website?

A: www.eaibbank.com

Q: Contacts?

A: EAIBank’s Service E-mail: vip@eaibbank.com